I am a fully qualified Clinical Reflexologist. I work with areas including palliative care, fertility, pregnancy and relaxation. I am also qualified in Gentle Touch Reflexology for babies and children, and Finger Free Reflexology.

I am a graduate of Jubilee College where I trained with David Wayte, the first reflexologist to be made a member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

I have a Centralia Mastership in Reflexology Level 5 and am a member of the CNHC and the Association of Reflexologists.

I am fully insured.

My business is based at home, to help make clients feel as comfortable as possible.

What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology is a complementary, holistic health therapy, which involves the application of pressure by fingers and thumbs, to areas on the feet and hands. These correspond to parts of the body, and stimulate the movement of energy to restore balance, and to promote healing of the whole body.

Reflexology can help to:
  • Reduce Stress and Tension
  • Improve Circulation and Blood Supply
  • Increase the Efficiency of all Organs and Cells
  • Improve Neural Efficiency
  • Encourage Elimination of Wastes and Toxins
  • Improve Lymphatic Flow
  • Promote Homeostasis within the Body
  • Activate the Body’s Self-Healing Ability


Our Services

For those who have sensitive feet, or just want to try something different. Hand reflexology can be very relaxing and soothing.

The most well known form of reflexology. Reflexes are worked on the feet to stimulate the flow of energy to promote healing and balance in the body.

Sometimes reflexes can be stimulated using knuckles, elbows and other joints. I often combine these with fingers and thumbs to give a deep treatment.

Gentle Touch is idea for babies and young children and can (amongst other things) help to promote better sleep, reduce cholic and prevent constipation. Gentle Touch can be shown to parents in order for them to work on their child’s reflexes themselves.

Many people experience problems when trying to conceive a baby. There can be many factors affecting fertility. Some infertility is unexplained and this can be difficult to come to terms with.

There is evidence to show that reflexology used alongside medical healthcare, can help to balance hormones which may then increase the likelihood of conception.

Reflexology throughout pregnancy is safe and can be relaxing and help with symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue.

After all this, reflexology has even been shown to help with overdue babies!

This concentrates on reflexes to help balance the mind and body, and can therefore help clients deal with their own stresses and emotions. Both feet are worked on simultaneously and there is more interaction between the therapist and client.

Reflexology can provide comforting, relaxing treatments to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being from a diagnosis and throughout treatment. It can work on both a physical and emotional level and can help improve quality of life by helping to relieve symptoms of stress and depression.

Our Prices

First treatment to take 1 hr to include consultation.

Each subsequent treatment to last 45 minutes.
£35 per treatment.
£40 per treatment including initial foot soak.
£35 per hand treatment.
£20 – Half hour treatment.

Offers and Gift Vouchers Available

Late cancellations: please be mindful that late cancellations may have an impact on other clients.

We would love to hear from you!

To book an appointment, please call, email or complete the form and I will call you back to discuss how I can help you.

Phone: 07736317233
email: hello@barefootreflexologyleicester.co.uk
Find me on Facebook at Barefoot Reflexology Leicester.
Clinic address: 48 Knighton Church Road, Leicester, Leicestershire,

My privacy notice is available here.

Clinic hours:
  • Weekdays 9.00 – 21.00

  • Please let me know if you can only make weekends as I do have a few slots free.

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